April 28, 2008

Daily Total: 41.35 Ride Hours: 01:33

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

23:10 132OT 26g 2.1u
21:05 38g 2.5u
20:53 121OT 22g 1.4u
20:22 29g 1.9u
20:13 81OT 17g .5u
17:31 76OT
15:28 12g .8u
13:32 24g 1.6u
13:26 84OT 17g .6u
09:59 119OT
09:54 16g 1.0u
09:07 130OT .4u
07:18 137OT 12g 1.3u
01:29 66OT
01:00 51OT
00:32 47OT
00:06 66OT

I'm up in Reston, VA for an Oracle training class. Yesterday's drive was ROUGH... it took a ton longer than I thought due to the weather. Today the weather was no better, with rain and storms all day. (You might have seen some tornado news on the weather). Luckily, those twisters missed us here...

A terrible nights sleep, which started off pretty rough. I can't explain it at all.

A long day in class... and the sun finally started to come out right at the end of the day.

I brought some bikes with me, so I figured I would get out for a little while at least. I set my basal rate down to a 50% reduction right at 17:30. Took me a little bit to get rolling, but I was out on the Kona at 18:20.

I was able to locate a trail near to on http://www.mtbr.com/, and gave it try. Was a fun ride for sure, and it just was long enough for what I needed.

After the ride I went back to the hotel and got cleaned up. Funny looks from folks as I headed thru the lobby extremely muddy. :)

Got showered and changed, grabbed my fixie, and rolled out to find something to eat.

Had a GREAT Thai dinner at Busara. Yeah, not a great name for a Spanish restaurant so glad to find it was Thai.

Was out the fixie for a couple of hours as the weather was perfect.

Back to hotel and to bed. No changes for the basal rate with the pump at bedtime.

Driving home tomorrow.