April 26, 2008

Daily Total: 33.40 Ride Hours: 04:38

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

22:52 102OT
21:55 36g 2.4u
20:56 67OT
18:51 59OT
16:23 33g 2.2u
16:10 27g 1.8u
16:09 157OT
15:19 204OT 2.0u
13:04 77OT
10:00 108OT
08:23 55OT
07:13 66OT

So today started off early and low. I REALLY need to lower the basal rate I use in the late morning hours. Been slowly changing it, but need to bump it some more. Weird thing here was that I took in about 30g of carbs at 07:15 with no bolus, but yet still dropped to 55 right before 08:30.

I was subbing cycle class for K today, as she is still very sick. Class started at 08:30, so I was a little freaked about the 55 at 08:23. Also, I was planning on getting out on the demo Trek Fuel EX9.0 right after class ended.

What I did was drink a regular soda at 08:25. I also deceiced that I should go ahead and lower my basal rate now, so I dropped it to a 50% reduction.

Class was pretty good, and I managed to get in some nice tempo work as I taught.

After class I got changed and headed out for a ride. Got a little held up getting out of the Wellness Center, but managed to be rolling at 10:00. I was stoked to see the 108 at ride start.

I headed over to the local Chapel Hill trail system, and met George and Greg over there. Those guys are doing the Pisgah Challenge Adventure Mountain Bike race next weekend, so today was a just for fun tool around.

Also today I was able to get out and demo a Trek Fuel EX 9.0. (Thanks Travis!). Although it wasn't setup anything like I like (long cockpit, low bar height), I must say that this bike rips! Had a great time riding it, and I am considering it for a replacement for the Intense. The stem was about 30mm too short for me, and that made me feel like I was sitting to upright. At first I thought it was the bike's geometry, but even after droping the travel on the Talas, it felt the same. The suspension works GREAT, and the bike was very impressive.

I bet the carbon one (EX 9.5) would be SMOKIN. :)

During the ride I tried to stay on the food intake schedule of 1 PowerBar Gel every 30 minutes, and 16oz of water per hour. I did fall a little behind as I was struggling on the ride. I was felling pretty tired once we hit the 3 hour mark, so I just fell behind. It showed around 13:00, so I ate a PowerBar to help me to correct.

Was back at the truck a little after 14:00. Tested a little high (hey, that PowerBar worked, eh). Got changed and took the demo bike back to the shop.

Energy Expenditure 3603 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 43167 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 100 bpm
Average Heart Rate 155 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 188 bpm
Ascent 1043 ft

Was stoked to get out on the home trails today. Weather was perfect, and trails where great!

When I went to bed around 23:00 I set my pump down to a 10% reduction for 6 hours.