April 22, 2008

Daily Total: 41.00 Ride Hours: 00:00

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

I am still trying to recover from the disaster that was Cohutta. I haven't even touched the Fuel yet to clean it. Don't even want to see it right now.

My cold, or whatever it is, has gotten worse since I have been home. K is VERY sick, and we are struggling to get through this week.

I got the Cohutta race report, results, and gallery up on the site. Share the experience: http://www.type1rider.org/RaceResults/2008/2008Cohutta100/tabid/159/Default.aspx.

New Deltec Cozmo pump is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Not sure if I can arrange someone to be there to sign for it until Thursday. So, we'll see.