April 7, 2008

Daily Total: 40.55 Ride Hours: 02:32

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----
22:39 39 2.6u
22:14 32 2.1u
22:02 183OT 1.4u
18:52 120OT
17:46 133OT
16:37 67OT
15:02 25 1.6u
14:53 125OT 22 1.7u
13:02 75OT 42 2.1u
10:45 126OT .3u
09:19 76OT 29 1.2u
07:29 42OT

After work was able to go strait over to the Wellness Center to get ready for class. Class was from 18:00-18:45 and was pretty good. Had to use a CD from a friends car (long story), but it all worked out ok.

I forgot to set my pump down for my after class ride, so I didn't lower to a 50% reduction until 18:50. I did take in a couple bites of a PowerBar before I jumped on the bike at 19:30 to be sure to try to cover the difference. It worked out fine.
As has been the case, it was drizzling when I left on the Kona. I almost thought it was snow actually. But that wouldn't be possible would it? :)
Met Marcy at 19:45 at Forest Theater on UNC Campus. We road the Forest Theater loop we developed, and found a GREAT very steep hill loop that we can tack on. Sweet. Even the double track (with truck tire tracks on it actually) Forest Theater path was a little "moist". More water than mud. Drought? I think we can put a fork in that one for a while.

Took in 2 PowerBar Gels and about 12oz of water during the ride.

Was back to the truck a little before 21:30. Set my basal rate back to 100% of normal at this time.
Energy Expenditure 1723 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 19592 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 122 bpm
Average Heart Rate 163 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 192 bpm
Ascent 1099 ft

My plan is to get as many hours this week as I can. Not going to do anything for my fitness (not much anyway), but will mentally make me feel better about Cohutta. Turns out LOTS of folks are going from the local area, so we should see a bunch of riders we know. Cool.

Also going on this week is that a couple of members of Team Type 1 are going to be speaking in the area on Thursday night. I am going to go to hear them, and, hopefully, get a chance to speak with them afterward. Need the low down on the newly approved Abbott Navigator.

I spoke with Steve McGuinn the local rep from Cozmore about a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump. My MiniMed 712 is out of warranty this month, and I am going to try the Cozmo. Steve spent about 2 hours with me a couple of months ago showing me all the details of the Cozmo. It has some functionality that I would probably find very useful, and the accompanying computer software is killer. Steve also sells the Navigator now, and that is why I am going to ask TT1 about it. More on the new pump later....

On the right hand side of this blog there is a component entitled "My Last BG Levels". After I test my BG with my meter, I txt the result to this part of the blog. This will give more of a window of my current levels and trends. Will also be cool for posting during an event... as long as I have cell service. :)

Wanted to say Yo! to JED in NJ from the Circus here in NC. :)

Just one more.....