April 5, 2008

Daily Total: 46.75 Ride Hours: 00:00

Time BG Carbs Units
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Rained. All day. Oh yeah, and COLD! I mean not so cold that Nancy wouldn't hit for me saying its cold, but for us it is cold. I think we got over 1.25 inches of rain today. Looks the same for tomorrow.

I have gotten some emails about the Cohutta 100. I found this profile, so I figured I would post it:

I am worried about this event just due to my lack of saddle time to start off 2008. Having the baby took more out of me/us (and still is taking a lot out of me/us) than I thought it was going to. I know I can get through it, but I was hoping not to embarrass myself. This is the first race in the National Ultra Endurance Series, and by the time the other 3 races I'm doing in the series come around (late July/Early August) I should be good to go.

Not being fit right now has given me a lot of things to think about. Mostly, about why I do endurance mountain bike races. Of course I don't expect to compete with the Storms, Hendershots, Marenchins, Eatoughs, Lindners, Tostados, Shalks of the world (ALL of whom are racing in Cohutta by the way). That would be much more than a day dream.

I have boiled down that I race for the sole purpose of proving something and testing myself - both as a cyclist, and a diabetic. Mostly as a diabetic I think. I have yet to meet or hear from any other Type 1 who competes in 100 miler mtb races, or 24 hour solo events... and I like the challenge of managing my diabetes over these distances. Does it always work? Nope. Is it always fun? No by a long shot. But when I am finishing knowing I put in the best performance I could, and that I kept fueled and my BG in check I have achieved a wonderful victory. I don't really measure myself against the other racers... just what I see in my own battle over the race.

That's NOT to say that I don't like to compete like everyone else does as well. Losing sucks. I have been lucky enough to do quite well in some big events. Of course that feels good - it feels GREAT!! Its another great way to measure yourself against other cyclists that don't care (nor should they) if you are a Type 1 diabetic. But seriously, some of the races I am most proud of is when I might only finish in the top 50%, but overcome a HUGE blood glucose issue to actually complete the event. (For example the 24 Hours of Allumuchy in 2006). Basically, I have to manually control what non-diabetic athletes bodies handle automatically - fuel delivery to the cells. Sometimes that challenge is greater than anything the course can through at me.

When I am riding and my BG goes off track forcing me to stop or alter my ride I get quite annoyed. I seriously feel like each and every pedal stroke that I take is a kicking diabetes square in the teeth. Not going to beat me, not going to beat me, not going to beat me, ..... I don't know if that means on the ride or in life in general. Motivated by fear of what diabetes does to the body over time if not taken care of? Maybe. If I am not riding or racing I feel like I am letting the disease win. I suppose this is why I have adopted "Just One More" as my mantra.

Just one more... pedal stroke, climb, minute, burst, interval, lap....

It is also very rewarding to hear from other diabetics who say that I have inspired them to exercise or change their self care habits. Nothing is better than reading one of the 100+ emails I get everyday stating that Type1Rider has helped in one way or another, and they have just purchased a bike to ride to work. To talk to folks on rides and speaking engagements and hear literally hundreds of stories about their battles with diabetes is very moving. It makes me realize how lucky I am, and how I need to do what I can to help.

I am a diabetic and I absolutely love cycling. I can't explain the reason, or make excuses why. I just do. The only place that I feel completely in balance and control is when I am on my bike, and nothing is more rewarding than completing a challenging ride or event with the BG in check. Nothing.

Until next time, Just one more......