April 9, 2008

Daily Total: 37.85 Ride Hours: 03:46

Time BG Carbs Units
---- -- ----- -----

23:46 115OT
23:03 78OT 33g .5u
22:39 78OT
18:14 194OT 1.2u
16:28 12g .8u
15:23 126OT
13:42 27g 1.8u
13:13 70* 47g 2.3s
13:13 51OT
07:07 92OT 26g 1.3u

On the way home from work I picked up J and headed home. We road bikes until near 18:00, when I fixed dinner for the family. I set my pump down to a 50% reduction a little after 18:00.

On the Kona SS and heading out from the Wellness Center around 19:00.

Trails are SLOWLY starting to dry out, so I planned a good loop through and around Chapel Hill that kept me on some of the bigger, longer hills and a bunch of double track. Pretty cool loop.. about twice as long as the one I have been doing for the past couple of weeks through the rain.

Was lucky enough to be joined by Marcy after my first loop. We laughed about be dedicated to riding this stupid loop in the dark for the past couple of weeks. Can't wait for the temps to go up some to dry the trails out quicker.

Anwyay, a little behind on fueling as indicated by my 78 finishing BG level. Only good one PowerBar Gel in per hour. Also, I only had one water bottle in the car, so I needed to hydrate when I got home. No biggie. I CAN'T wait until I don't need to wear a jacket so I can reach my jersey pockets easier. Seriously. You should see me... fanny pack with my "emergency funds" (aka M&Ms) and my light battery cable running out, my pump tubing running from jersey pocket, iPod head phones cable running from under jacket or vest, jersey pockets stuffed with headcover, Gels, camera, etc.... I look very lumpy. :)

Was back off the bike just before 23:00. Set the pump back to normal basal rate right away.

Energy Expenditure 2487 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 31211 beats
Minimum Heart Rate 105 bpm
Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 186 bpm
Ascent 2356 ft

Was a great ride. One of the best I have had in weeks. Totally improved my mood and outlook. Like a little light at the end of the tunnel. Must mean something will come along to snuff it out tomorrow. :)

There is a presentation on the the Triangle Pump Users Group meeting tomorrow by Joe Eldridge of Team Type 1. I am debating whether I should go - as the weather is going to be over 80 and sunny and I REALLY need the ride time. But, I would like to meet Joe face to face instead of thru reading blogs. :) I will probably head to the presentation.