June 23, 2013

What Pre-programmed Temp Basals Do You Have?

Training Hours: Ride: 02:33 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 42.90 units
Bolus (43%) 18.50u
Basal: (57%) 24.40u

After a busy day of taking care of some things, I was able to plan on getting out on the bike for a little bit.  I set my normal riding temp basal rate of a 65% reduction at 13:55 in prep for rolling out by 15:00. My BG at the time was 143, and I did not do a creative bolus for that.  I also set my target BG to my ride standard 150 mg/dL from the normal 100.

People ask frequently what types of pre programmed temp basal rates I have in my PDM.  I have about 5 that I reach for frequently.

I was able to get rolling right on time, and, is often the case here in the summer, was concerned about late afternoon t-storms.  I was hopeful that I might see rain only.  I brought a Pelican case for my PDM just in case.

I was about an hour or so into my ride, and I could tell my BG was a little off the mark.  I stopped in a clearing after a difficult rocky section and tested at a 51.

I changed the temp basal rate to a 90% reduction using my pre-defined RideLow90 program, and took in about 35g of simple Cs.

I waited about 10 minutes and then continued on at a slower pace, while I waited for my BG to get closer into the target range.

It didn't take long and I was back at pace, completing the mileage I had hoped to ride.

The woods were e-m-p-t-y, and I only saw 1 other person on an MTB while out.  The weather was a little bit toasty & humid, so that might have been the culprits. :)

I got back at 17:21 and my BG was a 109.  I cancelled my temp basal rate, and set my target back to 100 mg/dL.  I also bolused 2.0u to try to prevent the norm post ride BG spike I get.

I miscalculated this for sure, as my BG was up at 201 right before 19:00.

Before bed I set a normal post ride overnight temp basal of a 25% reduction to help deal with the increased sensitivity rides usually create.

It was great to get out and put some milage on the single speed today.  Hot temps and all.

I love my bike.  ;)