June 21, 2013

Training Hours: Ride: 01:58 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 40.65 units
Bolus (36%) 14.70u
Basal: (64%) 25.95u

After getting work done today I was able to get out on a MTB for a little while to enjoy some scenic trails and rolling hills.

I set my standard preprogrammed 65% reduction temp basal on my OmniPod PDM right at 15:30, and was able to get out on the bike approximately one hour later.

Although not 100% sure where I was going, I figured I would just head into the woods and go for 80 minutes.  No matter where I was, I would then turn back and descend into town.

My only concern was the weather as some storms where passing by, but the clouds all seemed to circle on around me as I worked my way up one rocky steep after another.

At the 80 minute mark, I broke through to the top of what I was riding.  It was awesome.

I didn't see another soul either heading out or back.

Made it back in just a smidge under 2 hours.  BG was a 73.  I cancelled the temp basal, set my target BG back to 100, and bolused a single unit of insulin to prevent the normal post ride BG spike.

I got a email a few days ago for a small little rider named Sam from Auburn, WA.  He was asking about the "Cars" I have on the stems of all my bikes.  I explained to him that the idea came from my two boys a few years ago, and I always ride with one for good luck.

So, Mr. Sam, here is a video of Nitrade taking a spin with me on this ride.

Keep Choppin' Sam!!