November 25, 2012

So, Diane and I went out for brunch today, and when our meal was served, my BG was a 151. I had a single item with carbs in it. Yes, yes. A biscuit.

Sans gravy. But I'm off in a ditch here....

They tell me 28gC, and I bolused for 30g plus the correction.

About 90 minutes later, I test again. I'm in the 280s. Hmmm......

So, I bolus for the correction and run a Temp Basal of 125% for an hour.

60 minutes later, I test again.

I'm still in the 250s.

My guess is that although I ordered a Diet Coke, I was served a non carb free beverage instead.

Fast forward until just a few minutes ago, and someone on Facebook commented on a tweet I made explaining the situation.

Heli explained that they test their drinks whenever they go out to avoid confusion.

I asked if that meant testing the drink just like a drop of blood.


SAY WHAT??????

Diane overhears me exclaim "WOW!", and gets out a juice box and grabs the Diet Mtn Dew I was drinking. (Apparently this trick is in the D-Mom handbook. Natch).

I grab my meter and we test a drop of the juice.


I test a drop of the diet soft drink:

I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.


As is the case, I certainly learn something new about Diabetes everyday.

Even after all these decades.

So cool. I still am in awe.


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