November 22, 2012

I have more things to be thankful and grateful for then I can possibly count.

Honestly, I do.

Two wonderful little boys who are growing each day into thoughtful, smart, considerate, kind, articulate young guys.

A love in a relationship the depth and width of which the world had never know and that spans all of time.

Good health, even after 36 years of battling diabetes.

Even the disease itself, which, along the way, has propelled me to see and try things beyond my wildest imagination. I have had experiences first hand that 99.9% of the world will never have the opportunity to feel or witness.

Diabetes has also brought me an amazing new family. Through the Type1Rider, Blue Heel Society, and Diabetes Monster organizations I have had the good fortune to meet tens of 1000s of strong willed people, with a warrior mentality, that pursue an endless quest to fight diabetes and locate a cure.

Just like me.

With that though in mind, I am especially thankful to the mainstays at those organizations, Thomas Moore & Jen Loving, for the immeasurable amount of work you do, the inspiration and motivation you provide me with, and for the countless smiles we have shared along the way.

I am going to put my Choppin' axe down for a short while today, look around at the people I love, enjoy some joyfulness, and give thanks for all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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