September 17, 2012

Over the weekend Diane and I where fortunate enough to finally be able to meet Michelle Litchman face to face in the Brookline neighborhood of Boston, MA.  Michelle, and other D movers and shakers, where in town for a diabetes conference and was gracious enough to spent some of her free time with us.

Most of you already know Michelle from her work as the author of the Sweet Advice blog, and as a very active and outstpoken member of the DOC.

Michelle is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Utah, and, as part of her work there, is conducting a very important survey about diabetes.

I wanted to share the survey in hopes that others would be interested in taking part, and helping Michelle to learn more specifics about the disease we battle each and everyday.

Follow this link to take the survey:
or contact Michelle directly with questions:

Have a great day everyone!!!