September 13, 2012

It's been going on 60 days since the end of my Tour Divide attempt for 2012.  Time has been moving VERY quickly, and I am all healed up (both body and soul) and have been doing some strength training to get back into the swing.

I have been riding, some, and my 29ers are in the shop getting some upgrades and small repairs after a very busy 10 months of preparation.  I am looking forward to getting back heavier training, and my races and events over the next few months.

Quite a few have emailed or messaged to ask about when I am going to do a write up about my wonderful, albeit slightly shorter than planned, Tour Divide experience this year.

A few months back my friends at Insulet, the makers of the OmniPod, asked me to document the Tour Divide race (as well as a few others scheduled events) for their brand new blog Suite D.  I was SO honored and super excited to have the opportunity to do that! I appreciate that fact that the folks at OmniPod have provided a larger platform to share my experiences and emotions of this amazing race attempt.

My TD race recaps will be featured on the Suite D blog in the next couple of weeks, and other events and features will be following throughout the year.  I am thrilled to be joined by amazing others in the efforts of this resource.  Natalie Strand of The Amazing Race fame, and pro snowboarder and Riding On Insulin author Sean Busby are among other that will be writing for Suite D as well.

I will post when my articles start appearing on the Suite D blog, but in the meantime check out their new blog, other writers, and my specific page there.


Keep Choppin' and have a great day!!