August 22, 2012

WEGO Blog Carnival Day 2 - Fave things/Silver linings

NOTE: August 21-28 The Type1Rider Organization will be sharing our Sister Organizations (Blue Heel Society) Blog posts for the WEGO 'Advocate For Another' Blog Carnival.

Today's challenge is to write 5-10 favorite things about your community. Well, I think I covered that pretty well with my post from yesterday.

So, I'm blogging a bonus: Silver Linings; what unexpected joys, lessons, experiences, or blessings have you found in caring for someone else?

This is hard because with every silver lining there is a storm cloud...I'll try to stay with the silver lining!

The first silver lining that comes to me is my family is super close. As most of you loyal BHS readers know, not only do I have two Type 1 girls (one of which was recently diagnosed), I also have a hemophiliac son. The fact that I have three kids with chronic illnesses can do one of two things. It can make you or break you. In our case it has made our family stronger. Now, please, don't think our family is all rainbows and unicorns!! It's actually far from it! But as a family unit...our core is STRONG!!

Some other silver linings are:

Mentoring to others

Maturity for my kids (this is a storm cloud too...having chronically ill kids makes them grow up way to fast)

Community for us all

Independence for my kids (another storm cloud but silver lining too!)

Advocating with my kids (never thought I'd be political!)

Being involved with my kids (they may say that's a storm cloud, sometimes!)

Empathy to others

Being strong enough to know I CAN take care of my kids

This was a good exercise for me to really think about the GOOD in the everyday things I do to keep my kids alive and safe. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the storm cloud that we don't even see the silver lining. So I challenge you, the reader, to find YOUR silver lining!! might be right in front of you!