August 21, 2012

Day 1 of the WEGO Blog Carnival - Portrait Post

NOTE: Starting today & running for 7 days, the Type1Rider Organization will be sharing our Sister Organizations (Blue Heel Society) Blog posts for the WEGO Blog Carnival.

Day 1: Portrait Post

Blue Heel Society has decided to participate in another WEGO Blog Challenge for the week. It runs Tuesday-Tuesday. Hope you enjoy!!

Today I am to write a descriptive portrait of my community. Share qualities that make them, them! 

Now to describe the DOC (Diabetes Online Community)...

First are all my rock!! 

You are the first people I share the highs and lows, quite literally, of diabetes. No matter what time of day or night it is I know you are but a key stroke away. 

When our second daughter was above 500...guess where I went? Yep, the DOC. There were two ladies, in particular, that even though they were MILES away from me, were there for me. Checking in and surrounding me with love when I told them of my daughters diagnosis. I will never be able to thank them enough! 

And it's not just for me...I've seen us all rally around each other. Be it a newly diagnosed member, a Mom/Dad/Caregiver doubting their abilities, pump/cgm ask it, you'll get a TON of response or a shoulder to lean on. 

Some other descriptions of our DOC community:

                                              HOME           LOVE           HOPE          

                                         HUGS         MAMA BEAR        FAMILY

I have a great, supportive family but they don't quite get the everyday trials and tribulations of raising three kids with chronic illnesses. They are there for me. They lend an ear and a shoulder if need be but if you don't walk in my shoes you don't get what I do and that's okay, however, sometimes it's just nice to have someone "get it"! and YOU all know it, live it and get it!! You are my family, my home. You show love, hope and give hugs if and when needed. And the Mama Bear? Oh, the Mama Bear don't care...she'll come out at a moments notice for ANY of our T1 kids. Why? Because we are family! If there is silver lining to any of this daily diabetes crap we put up with, it's the DOC!