June 15, 2012

It has been an absolutely crazy busy and hectic week here.  Seems SO much going on, and not all of it great.  However, I did manage to cross a bunch of items of the list in terms of Tour Divide preparation, and that is always a good thing.

I managed to get all the travel arrangements done, which, to be truthful, is no small feat.  Car to plane, to bus, to hotel - with a bike and gear.  It feels pretty good to have those logistics done, and the calendar is starting to get strung together quite nicely.

Air Canada is pretty cool with only a $50 charge for bicycles.  I totally dig that.  Flying through Montreal instead of Toronto this time.  Looking forward to it!!

I was also successful at getting in a bunch of miles, especially during long commute loops this week.  Went out through RDU airport (no, they don't get many bikes riding through the passenger pickup area of Terminal 2).  LOL!!

I was surprised at how to close to the planes you could get simply by pedaling up.  :)

Headed through Raleigh and Umstead State Park for some dirt gravel work as well.  Looked kinda like Tour Divide route for just a minute:

Got the Superfly to Trek Raleigh for the last time (hopefully) before it gets packed up for the trip to Canada. We weighted it with the rigid fork and all the bags (empty of course) and I was surprised to find it at 22.1lbs.  I love that bike.  :)  Given the gear list and equipment compared to last year, we will be riding near 8lbs lighter.  Dig that.

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend some, possibly getting the Superfly back on Sunday.  Going to enjoy some sun, some pool time, and be busy being a dad.  My FAVORITE job ever.  :)

Keep Choppin'!!!!!