June 10, 2012

Coming to a close of another fantastic weekend!  They always go by just way to darn fast....

After traveling back home to NC this morning, I stopped and picked up some parts for the Superfly as well as got the Superfly back from Trek Raleigh.

A great HUGE thanks to Dave and Ryan for getting the bike back on the road.  I appreciate it!  (Chubby's Tacos on me next time I am over).  :)

As far as the parts go..... you can never have enough carbon:

Saved just shy of two pounds on the bike with the addition of the carbon fork.  Was hoping to rock a Niner, but the funds just were not available.  I got this one on the cheap from someone local, and just need to order the tapered headset adapter for it.  As you can see I will need to trim the brake housing as well, but these are uber minor.  Before the weekend it should be all good to go.

With that, the bike will be ready to roll for TD.  I will have three weeks to shake it out before I arrive in Banff, but everything is coming together.  :)

Steerer length is perfect, and it's added length made the bar positioning a little better than the Fox F-29 fork that I had on there.

Sometimes, things are just meant to be....