May 10, 2012

Training Hours: Ride: 03:05 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 25.10 units
Bolus (42%) 10.45u
Basal: (58%) 14.65u

I was up early this morning, so I was able to take the long route into work.  Nothing finer than riding in with a very slight dry chill in the air.  Shadows long from the sun being so low behind you.

My favorite time of day to ride.  Just after dawn.

I mean, when I can get my hands on an espresso. Or Monster Java.  Either or.  :)

I had a great ride in, and, at lunch, I hustled back home to grab my car as I am picking my little guys up from school today.

Nice to be able to get a touch over 3hrs in before lunch.  :)

Tomorrow is an EARLY day (at the airport at 04:30 or something nutty like that) as I am heading to NY state to  speak to some children in the Albany School District about facing challenges and diabetes related topics.

I was kindly invited to come participate by my friend Kevin.  He is a young person with Type 1 who attends school in the district.  One great kid with a terrific and very involved family.

Diane and I had the honor of meeting his parents, Lisa and Keith, along with his siblings a while back.  (Keith: I am looking forward to hearing about your bicycle frame welding!!)  :)

I am very much looking forward to this event, and am honored to be invited to come up and talk.

Thank you!!

Following the structured program, we will have a small "Meet & Greet" with some of the CWD & Parents, as part of the District's “Kids Helping Kids” Program.

Following my program there, I will join those participating in the local JDRF Walk. PLEASE visit the link attached and show your support!

I hope to be able to share some pics (and possibly a TwitCast) from the event as it happens.  So look for those updates here tomorrow.

I also received some VERY outstanding news today, but that is just a little ways off from being made public.

Thank you for all of your continued support and encouragement, and KEEP CHOPPIN'!!!