May 9, 2012

I would like to send a HUGE, IMMENSE thank you to Mr. Charlie Kimball and his manager Kim.

I do not think I can adequately describe how SHOCKED and HONORED I was to find this in my mail box:

My mouth fell WIDE open.  I was just speechless.  Just speechless.

Both myself and my two small sons where totally freaking out!!!

Mr. Kimball is an outstanding person, a great role model, and, as I like to reference him as, the "fastest Type 1 on earth".  To think he would send such an amazingly cool item to someone who just rides bikes is amazing.

Please accept my humble gratitude for this helmet visor.  Just totally wicked!

Although I do not have ANYTHING NEAR as cool as this, please look for a package from Type1Rider heading in your direction. (BTW - no pressure putting the enclosed  #BGNow bumper sticker on the race car.  LOL!)

Best of luck at Indy!!!

Thank you so very much for this.  Really.  Thank you so much.