March 10, 2012

Over the past 6 plus years I have stayed well clear of posting and supporting causes that are not Diabetes related, at least in some form or fashion.  I also, more specifically, avoid all topics of foreign policy, politics, and the like.  No matter what my or your views are on those things, we are UNITED on the fact that ALL types and flavors of diabetes must be stopped.

My friends at Taproot Films posted this documentary about an issue and a related social awareness project call KONY 2012.  It has been making the rounds lately, has been featured in mainstream press, and has been shared on all social media fronts.  A lot of individuals reading this post have probably seen this already at some time in the past couple of weeks.

This, truthfully, moved me to where I wanted to help.

I wanted to try and do something.

I felt, as part of the global community, that I needed to.

You will too.

It not only truly shows the positive impact of social media, and of dedicated film makers creating pieces such as this, but gives me great hope that we can all work together to solve problems and cure diseases - not matter our geography or background.  Such as this, and diabetes.

Please watch the 27 minutes feature, get involved at some level, sign the petition, get the kit, or just share: