June 23, 2011


BG is 13.2 ( about 237 in America)
EKG is normal
No punctured lungs or heart issues

It appears that Tony Cervati had angels flying with him on that Superfly. They walked with him away from the bear. They slid with him into the rapids. They swam with him until they could guide him safely to land. They sent a family to drive him the distance to seek medical help. He is alive and is in good hands. He is in communications with his family and wants everyone to know how much he loves each and everyone of you. He is being relayed the OUTPOURING of love and prayers and well wishes and just wants to share with you his heartbreak at not being able to finish Tour Divide.....this time.

Once he is released from medical care, Type1Rider.org will contact his family and will report back here for you, his online family, to follow.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers. This is indeed a family of people who love and support each other in every manner possible. God bless each one of you.

Keep Choppin'.