June 23, 2011


I am writing this blog post relieved and heavy hearted. Tony Cervati will be returning to the United States this weekend after suffering a considerable fall from a gorge on the Tour Divide Trail. He is being stabalized in a hospital in Canmore Alberta, after happening upon a bear on the divide route. He indicates he was startled by the close proximity of the animal and was attempting to back away in torrential rain, when he lost footing and plummeted into the rapids below. He was swept considerably downstream in 40 degree whitewater, before being able to remove himself from the frigid rapids. He hiked back to his summit, secured his bike and belonging and began hiking to the nearest town. He was picked up by a local family and driven 40 minutes to the area hospital where he remains. I will update the information as it becomes available. He is alert and oriented to his time and place, but is completely devestated at the early "scratch" that has occured in this historic race start.