June 24, 2011

STATEMENT FROM TONY CERVATI:  ( statement given via telephone)

"Words cannot express the horrific, bitter disappointment I feel by not being able to finish Tour Divide. The purpose behind doing Tour Divide was for me to prove that a person living with Type 1 Diabetes can accomplish anything. I feel like I let the DOC proper down in every way by not accomplishing what I set out to do. I do not even know why any of you are even still speaking to me. I promised to prove a point about living with diabetes and having no limits. I am completely wrecked in my failed attempt. I feel, seriously, like I personally let every single one of you down.

In my efforts to avoid that damn bear ( one of the coolest things I have ever seen! A real bear in his own habitat.....one of the highlights of my life, btw) I fell into the rapids about 10 feet below. I was swept down stream in very frigid 40 degree water VERY NEARLY DROWNING ME. I just kept calling out my son's names........ I just needed to get back to my boys. I just needed to get out of those rapids before they killed me and go home to my boys. The injuries I sustained will heal and I may be able to return to riding shortly....but that near death experience has rendered me unable to emotionally reconnect with the original reason for TD and for racing or biking right now. I want to respond to all of the posts and well wishes and love, but I am an emotional wreck and I just need to get home to my family. Thank you for all of it. I want to personally thank all of you. For all of it. I am humbled by this experience. I believe I was given another chance at life to continue to ride, post my blood sugars, see my kids, learn more about diabetes....so while I can't say Tour Divide wasn't a waste, without feeling conflicted,  I can continue to keep choppin' and work on Type 1 Rider, and be a great dad.....just not from Banff."