June 10, 2011

I have been using an insulin pump since 2005, and switched to the Deltec Cozmo in April of 2008.  Although it was one of the lesser know brands, I liked the pump's unique features and how those items would most directly benefit me on the bicycle for the racing at hand.

As we know, sales of the Cozmo was halted in 2009.  Existing customers are supported through the end of their warranty periods, but no new pumps are being sold.  I had no acted upon the "upgrade" and "switch" offers from other manufactures, as the benefits and familiarity the Coz offered still out weighed the desire to switch.

Until now.  Until Tour Divide.

Over the past couple of weeks I began to investigate other pump technologies as I forced to warranty replace my Cozmo twice.  Also the collection of connected blood glucose meters that I have for the device have been failing one by one.

I was able to demo my first device of choice and it worked flawlessly under all conditions.  I was a little surprised at just how well it performed under difficult conditions considering the results I had the first time I demoed one a few years ago.  The changes to the adhesion characteristics of the device has made ALL the difference.  The system is now PERFECT.

With that, I switched to using the Insulet OmniPod  insulin management system full time today.

In terms of helping with Tour Divide, the lack of tubing connecting the insulin to a infusion set has made wearing different types of backpacks and gear storage configurations possible. Also, a LARGE driving force for this switch was the sheer compactness of the entire unit.  The OmniPod system devices store in approx. 1/2 the space of other pump technologies. This will make packing all the diabetes items needed for Tour Divide just that much easier.

Yes, a little risky or unusual to make a hardware change this close to a major event.  Granted.  However, the device proved to be extremely reliable during the demo and rides, and I feel the reward of space savings negates the risk.

Now I JUST need to come up with a new name.... Sorry Gomer.  The times are a changin'.