May 15, 2011

Did some shooting with Taproot Films at the UNC Wellness Center this morning and early afternoon.  Big thanks to the staff of the Wellness Center for setting this up.  We got some great shots and finished the interview with Chris Newport from Endurance NEWtrition.

Also saw this really old truck in the parking lot.  NOT your typical way to drive over for a few laps and a swim:

And I was able to get this big fella out of the parking lot and into the woods:

I also did about 45 minutes of strength work while the cameras where rolling.  Probably the last time I will be doing any resistace work before Tour Divide.  SO psyched, because I am not much into working out inside.

Much more fun to go outside and play!!

Looking forward to my TwitCast tonight.... so much went on this past week.

Another busy week ahead... and only 25 days to go.  Hard to believe I will be sleeping in Banff 3 weeks from tomorrow.  Whew.