April 12, 2011

I have been graciously gifted with a volunteer contributor to the blog!!  This individual has a Type 1 diabetic as a family member, and will be helping with content, layout changes, and adding articles.  I am VERY grateful to have the help, and am grateful for the opportunity to have them help. 

Thank you!!

We have made a questions@type1rider.org email address available as a way for readers and fans to get questions into Type1Rider.  If not answered by a reply email, they will be responded to via the newly implemented TwitCasting Live technology.

I will be be doing a TwitCast Live video each Sunday night at 10:00pm ET.  Other video feeds will be done as the need arises to highlight special events or features.

Follow the Live TwitCasting menu item at the top of the page, or the TwitCasting Live link to the Type1Rider page.

I look forward to brining other new features online soon.

Thank you so much for the continued support and all the kind messages and posts I receive.  I am under 60 days to go now until the start of Tour Divide, and they all personally mean a lot to me.

Thanks again!!