April 25, 2011

Hi all. I wanted to briefly say Hello and thank Tony for the opportunity to help out with his blog and to let you all know that my primary focus will be on the events leading up to and ultimately about the historic ride he is planning on Tour Divide. As you know, he is leaving for Canada early June and during that time, I will attempt to keep you all in the loop "here" as to his BG's and his experiences. It's gonna be a killer ride.

Many great things are happening at Type1Rider.org these days. Our friend is currently being followed by TapRoot Films, a documentary film company who are planning to literally follow him and his bike (and his diabetes) down the west coast. Once I get the information as to when they are releasing some teasers/trailers for the film, I'll  post the link. As you all know, it's a must see.

Another interesting happening is that there is a fantastic organization dedicated to securing funding for Type 1 Diabetics and their loved ones, AND they have contacted Tony and Type1Rider.org about his ride on Tour Divide ( and the million of other advocacy campaigns  he is affiliated with) and want to help him and anyone else out there who either want to donate money to perpetuate the breaking down of diabetic stereotypes or need assistance in overcoming barriers in their own lives. I intend to post their link as well.

Don't forget to check out Tony's Twitcasts here! Thank you again Tony for letting me be a part of Type1Rider.org. Keep Choppin'.