February 19, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 06:03
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:00 

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 32.65 units
Meal: 7.45u
Corr: 4.50u
Basal: 20.70u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 160g

A beautiful day here in North Carolina!  70 degrees or so!  So awesome. Developing spring fever!

I set the basal rate on my pump down to a 60% reduction a little late at 11:45 in prep for a 12:30 mtb ride.  Plan was to leave from my place, head out to Morrisville to ride to ride Lake Crabtree County Park, Umstead State Park, and some VERY good surrounding single track.

I left a little late, which helped me, as it was almost a full hour after my temp rate became active.  Funny how it all works out.  :)

I had my small HydraPak on with no bladder in it.  Stuffed in some nutrition and a water bottle, plus some fast acting, spare tube, hex wrench, and 2 CO2s.  Just about what I need for an all day ride.

It is about 12-14 miles of road work to get from my place to the entrance of LCCP.

Was able to get into single track there by 13:20 or so.  Road a little bit, and, with the fabulous weather, there where just too many folks in there.  Need a little more space, so headed to some of the other local single track systems right near there.

These where much better!  Quieter and a lot more fun to ride.  The first trail is one of my local favorites and they trail builders have been really expanding it over the last year or so.  TONS of fun single track, and lots of "unusual" items on the course..

Like this Frankenstein and swaying ghost.  (Mental note: remember these are here so when I am night riding in here I don't basically have a heart attack.  LOL).  Love the sense of humor!!

Ran into my friend David while in these trails.  Tried to stay on his wheel a bit on the way out.  Dude is seriously fast.  Was fun working to hang with him and his big wheeled rig too.

Stopped on the way home to dawn a base layer and arm warmers as the temp was dropping with the sun.  The whole way home I was facing a good 20+mph head wind which slowed me down some.  Made me laugh as I will be getting plenty of this on TD.

Arrived back home a little more than 6 hours from ride start. BG was at 147, which, considering my on bike target is 150 made me happy.

Tried to take in some nutrition, but wasn't all that hungry.  Concentrated on re-hydration as I have a good sized training ride in the books for tomorrow as well.

When I went to be I set my post ride overnight temp basal to 70%.

All in all a great day on the bike in NC!