January 22, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 03:27
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:00 

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 39.40 units
Meal: 15.00u
Corr: 0.30u
Basal: 24.10u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 188g

The word for the day today is COLD.  COLD.  I could just end this blog post here.

I headed out at Lake Crabtree County Park at 14:11 on the Singlespeed after setting my temp basal to a 60% reduction an hour earlier.  I don't usually head out this way to ride as it is a little bit of car trip, however it was the only singletrack that was open within 30 mins of home.

The air temp at the start was 30 degrees.  That would be as warm as it would get.

Everything was pretty toasty,  save for my fingers.  20 minutes and they were ice cubes.  I barely managed to get in 2 hours before I decided the trainer (indoors) would be smarter.  Something my good friend Cricket had already figured out.  :)  When I got off the Superfly SS I tweeted "POPSICLE".

When I got back to the car to make basal adjustments, the screen on my pump was barely visible due to the cold.  Also, the meter needed to be warmed up via the car heat in order for it to not report an error.  Funny.

Took me about 25 minutes to transition from outside at LCCP to spinning on the trainer.  Spend another 1.5(ish) riding inside.

On the bike nutrition was a mess today.  The performance bars I was trying to use outside where frozen like rocks, and my water in my bottle had frozen over a bit.

I know a lot of you ride in regions a lot colder than here, no doubt.  I'm probably just getting old, and us here in North Carolina just deal with 95F and 99% humidity better than winter.  LOL!

When I went to bed I did set the standard overnite post ride temp basal of 75%.

Hoping tomorrow is warmer, maybe into the 40s even, which should make the whole day more enjoyable.