January 20, 2011

Training Hours:
Ride: 02:08
Run: 00:00
Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 39.54 units
Meal: 16.70u
Corr: 0.30u
Basal: 22.54u

 Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 188g

After what seems like an eternity of CRAZY weather here in North Carolina, we finally hit a spell of seasonable temps.  It was 60 and sunny today, and I couldn't wait for work to end so I could head out for a ride.  I set a temp basal rate of a 60% reduction at 16:16 in preparation for a ride start about an hour later.

I brought the new Superfly with me today, as I have only been on it for about an hour so far.  Figured today's near spring like weather was as good of a chance as any.  :)

Ride started with a BG of 90, and I was planning on putting in about 2 hours on the hills around Chapel Hill.  The trails are still shutdown and soupy, so no dirt for a while I'm afraid.  Even the double track and the traditional wet weather loop is too muddy to ride.  I mean could you ride on it, of course.  Should you ride on it, um, no. That's a whole other subject I'm afraid..... :)

I felt great on the bike today.  Not sure if it was the weather, the new ride, or my music selection, but it was a perfect day in the saddle.  The bike needs some fit tweaks, but it is oh so close to perfect.

On the last single legged climb up MLK Blvd today, a rider with no lights and dark clothes was headed down the hill on the wrong side of the road.  I only saw him at the last possible second, and had to squeeze between him and the city bus stop sign.  I didn't quite make it through, and the driveside chainstay scraped on the sign post.  I didn't look at it until I got home, but there are some good scratches on the frame for sure.

I guess it is now officially broken in and in service!!  ;)

While on the ride I took in 20oz of Nuun infused water, and one 40gC performance bar (half for each hour).  For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to use less nutrition while riding in anticipation of Tour Divide in June.  This is giving my an opportunity to test different BG control techniques by using different basal rates, and controlling output to specific ranges.  So far it has been going very well, but I haven't been able to nail it down just yet.

I was back at the car at 19:22 with a BG of 78.  No ideal by any stretch as I was really pushing the limited nutrition for the amount I was working today, but not the end of the world either.  :)  I set the basal rate back to normal, and did take a 2.5u bolus to ward off the usual post ride blood glucose spike.

That worked perfectly as my BG was 95 at 21:53. I'll take it!

Looking forward it's just about time to get into longer hours of saddle time again.  The weather has been a major factor here, but in the next couple of weeks it should be a viable option.  I am making plans to be able to head to the mountains here 3 weekends a month for loaded rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  That should be able to begin the first weekend in March.

One of the big issues I'm facing right now is that I am seriously running out of funds for travel and race fees, and, since I taking 5 weeks away from work this year, I am basically out of days I can take off.  This is going to make it hard to do 3 day weekends, and get away for races.  It is what it is.

When I went to bed, I did set a typical post ride over nite temp basal rate of 75%.