December 27, 2010

Training Hours: 
Ride: 02:44
Run: 00:00
Other: 01:01

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 40.73 units
Meal: 14.30u
Corr: 4.10u
Basal: 22.33u

 Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 176g

After spending the time with the boys going to the hardware store to purchase 2x4s and a 8x4 sheet of plywood for the train and electric slot car table, I set my basal rate to a 70% reduction at 13:03 in prep for the afternoon's training session.

Although Monday is typically a rest day, with the snow yesterday I wanted to make up the hours.

I arrived at the UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont a tick before 14:00, and spend the next hour strength training with the focus on legs and core.  Had a fantastic session, and tried some new variations on old favorites.

I then climbed on the '10 Superfly and headed out to do the Chapel Hill rain loop - which today was covered with a mix of water, mud, slush, snow, and ice.

Got back to the truck at 17:44 with a BG of 105.  Not too shabby.

I still haven't gotten to ride the new Superfly yet, as this snow and frigid weather as kept me from working on the fit and positioning.  I have been looking at different options for wheels and tires though.  I think I might try a lite higher volume tire like a Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 or something similar.

Not sure about wheels yet.  Would like to run another set of I9s, but might try a set of the Stan's ZTRs.  I do believe my rim of choice will be a Stan's Arch.  I have had great luck with those, and they are lite and strong.

Decisions, decisions....

Weather looks to be headed back to normal with highs in the 50s.  Hopefully, this snow and wet will leave soon so we can return to our normally scheduled program.  :)