September 19, 2010

Ride Hours: 05:02

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 43.61 units
Meal: 14.65u
Corr: 8.00u
Basal: 20.96u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 250g

Up fairly early (for a Sunday) as I was jumping on a group ride at 09:00.  I was feeling very tired, and not much like eating this morning so BG managment today was going to be a little more difficult than normal.

My BG was at 155 at 08:02 and I took my basal rate to a 70% reduction, and made a very slight (.1u) correction.

I was meeting up with some TORC folks for a pre-ride of the upcoming Chapel Hill Adventure Race course with a group of folks registered for the event.   These include 29er Crew teammate Mark and his wife Erin. 

I was at the Seawell Elementary School meeting site at 08:30, and we were prepared for a 50 mile ride with the group.  I packed my hydration pack since the plan was for a longer ride without the ability to refill the bottles along the way. The 10 of us rolled out of the school parking lot a few minutes after 09:00 (pretty good for a group ride).  :)

We all had a good time riding through the Chapel Hill North trails and then we headed over to Duke Forest (via a short road ride) to check out the possible check points over there.

I arrived back at the starting point approx 3.5 hours later.  I headed towards town to spend another 90 minutes doing some hill work.

I was able to stay pretty true to 20-30g of carbs and 20oz of Nuun enhanced water per hour.  BGs were great throughout the ride with tested results of 83, 121, and 133.

About 20 minutes away from the car, I set my basal rate back to it's normal rate of delivery.

My ride ended at 14:22 with a blood glucose of 138.  A fantastic 5+ hours of riding on Supefly. 

I took 5u of post ride bolus to stop norm BG spike. 

BGs ran in the high 70s the rest of the day.  When I hit the hay at 21:36 I was at 74.  I dropped the post ride over nite temp basal to 80%.  I also took in some simple Cs for a little boost.

I actually spent more hours in the saddle this weekend than sleeping.  I really need to fix that.  :)