September 10, 2010

I drove to Charlotte, NC yesterday and was fortunate enough meet some very caring, dedicated, and fantastic people, while also having a great visit with my friend Cricket Butler.  It was a fantastic morning!!

On the way home I took a little time to pay a visit to my MUCH missed "T2" Marcee at her new (well, it HAS been what? 8 months or more already? Wow.) gig at The Right Gear in Kannapolis.  It was so great to see her, if only for a short time.  Chapel Hill isn't the same with out M!

While there I was lucky enough to meet owner Jim O'Brien.  I want to personally thank Jim for taking time out of his day to show me around the unbelievable items he has in the shop, and to share some of his cycling related stories.

The Right Gear is unreal!  It is a must visit for anyone who loves cycling, both past and present.  I only shot a few photos, but the history Jim has hanging in the shop is unbelievable!  There are so many items of historic proportions lined up right behind the new for sale bike racks.  I was simply blown away.

I literally could have spent all day there just staring and drooling over stuff.

Again, thanks Jim.  See you again in a few weeks Marcee??

Had to hustle home, as it is just me and the boys this weekend.

Yeah, I heard that laugh of both humor and worry. I am really looking forward to hanging with the boys and doing "men" stuff.  We might even stay up to 8:30pm one night.  oh boy!  ;)