August 31, 2010

Time has been REALLY flying the past couple of days, with TONS and TONS of "things" going on.

First and foremost I am happy to say I am feeling much better since switching to a new antibiotic last week.  The actual wounds are almost gone, and my BGs are really close to normal so I know the infection is almost gone.  It is still a little black and blue, and, it sounds weird, but when I jar it I can feel some discomfort deep inside my arm somewhere.  The swelling is completely gone, and I have full range of motion and feeling in my hand and fingers.  So I say this event is behind me now.

I got back on the bike this past Saturday for the first real ride I have had in over a week.  I felt very recovered so I was able to really get on it for over 3hrs on the Superfly.  Felt great, but I was feeling it on Sunday for sure.  :)

Sunday was awesome as my good friend Cricket Butler came up from Charlotte.  I know some of you know Cricket via the organization she runs called Team Up For Type 1.  She is very quick on the mountain bike as well, finishing 2nd in the Trans Rockies 2010 and was the 1st woman finisher in this years Tour Divide. (Yeah, that is an impressive resume for sure).

It had been a while (in fact ever) that we got a chance to talk to face to face at a non race event.  I was very fortunate that she volunteered to drive up for a visit.

I am attending a JDRF Mountain Bike Skills Clinic in Charlotte which was setup via her organization.  It was fantastic last year, and I am looking forward to getting down there again this September 25th.

My oldest started kindergarten last Thursday, so that has been a HUGE transition.  Much more for me and less so for him.  It has been great so far, and he seems to be liking it.  We are still working out all the logistics with drop off and pick-up and training and working, etc....  Gotta get that ironed out soon, as not having a set schedule is making me a little edgy.  :)

With all of this stuff I haven't gotten on my bike since Saturday.  I hope to have a chance to ride tomorrow before the hurricane Earl hits.  I am sure that will bring big rain, but hopefully cooler temps, to the region.  

But truthfully, I am really just happy chilling right now.  It has been a long and difficult race season for sure.  So much so that my friend George Scott and the guys at Trek Raleigh have renamed Murphy's Law, Cervati's Law.  

Hopefully they will still want to ride with me... I am not sure the blast area of a meteor strike, but I will advise them to stay well clear of that.