August 25, 2010

So some good news, and not so great news.

The swelling is down, and my fingers and hands are about 75% back to normal feeling. I actually picked up a cup with my left hand today. Yeah!

The puncture wounds are mostly closing and it's looking better.

The not so better news is that I think I have a deep rooted infection. My BGs are running crazy, I'm running a fever, and I am dragging. On top of that my arm is a very unhealthy color.

Heading to primary care Dr. today to see about changing to a different antibiotic, and seeing what else we can/should do.

If I can get the infection under control, I should be able to ride given how my hand and fingers are feeling today.

Luckily no races on the schedule for a bit, so I have a little cushion.

Thanks so much for all the positive vibes and the messages. I truly appreciate them!!!! :)

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