August 23, 2010

Had a VERY productive and relaxing day today. Those two items don't usually occur in the same time frame, but yet, they did.

Got caught up on some phone calls, emails, and meetings, and made appointments for some things that have been hanging around for sometime.

My fingers are starting to come around, and the swelling in my arm is subsiding. Hopefully, that trend will continue. Might firm up that appointment with the neurologist for next week anyway. I've got to be sure this is healed up right!

The antibiotics I am on, have been making my BG CRAZY!!! I have another 7 days to go, so I think I just need a 140% basal rate all the time!!

Thanks everyone for the text messages and email! I appreciate it!!! Not sure how long it will take to get back on the bike, but hopefully just a week or two (MAX).

Thanks Again!!

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