June 16, 2010

Thanks to ALL for the emails and phone calls today about the new Trek corporate alignment! A whole flurry of stuff going down in a bike hurry...

The members of the Fisher 29er Crew received an email this morning.

We are being reborn as the Trek 29er Crew! New kit is on its way, and our roles will be bigger (like the wheels!) and not smaller.

A quote from the letter we received... "We now have 8x as many retailers worldwide. We’ll now have 10x the consumer exposure. This is huge for Gary Fisher, the man & the brand, and it’s huge for further popularizing 29ers."

I for one am STOKED!!

Big wheels keep on rolling... right into a larger frontier...

Check out the new hardware and all the latest news at trekbikes.com. Man, I can't believe I just typed that...


BTW - my personal new favorite: