May 8, 2010

What a day....

Alarm at 06:30.

07:00 breakfast with the boys and my two nieces

07:30 on the way to strawberry picking

07:44 begin picking process

08:10 leave strawberry farm with 5 flats of berries

08:26 make stop at Starbucks

08:46 at soccer field - get J's team photo taken

08:55 soccer game start

09:48 J scores first ever soccer goal (yes I got a little teary)

10:27 arrive home from game. Boys change clothes

10:45 the boys and I head out to take care of somethings required for tomorrow

11:45 arrive back home. Grab some snacks

12:10 leave in two cars with everyone to attend birthday party in Raleigh

12:35 arrive at party

14:40 leave birthday party. I take my car and head over for ride.

15:10 on bike

16:48 off bike

17:20 arrive home. Play outside with boys

18:15 leave with everyone to go out to eat

20:10 boys get baths

20:30 boys in bed

20:45 start catching up on emails

21:55 enter blog entries written on scrap paper

22:56 bedtime.

Tomorrow you ask?

Up at 06:30 and on mtb for 7 hour race sim training ride by 08:00. ;)

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