May 6, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:03

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: xx.xx units
Meal: 16.20u
Corr: 7.65u
Basal: 22.59u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 246g

So the name of my pump is....  What you don't name your pump? 

That was the first question I was asked after I walked into the meeting room at Rex Hospital in Raleigh for my talk with the Triangle Insulin Pump Support (TIPS) group.  The nice young lady who asked me that question, in her "British" accent, informed me that hers was named "Antonio Banderas". 

The day had been pretty hectic but ordinary right up to that point.  Had the day off from work, and I basically took care of a bunch of long overdue chores in the morning.  Renewed some domain names, bought some clothes, went to the store, blah, blah, blah...

Took my basal rate to a temp rate of 40% around 12:30 to prep for the 2.5 hour ride I was scheduled to get in today.  Was parked at the UNC Wellness Center and on my bike by 13:30 - right on schedule.

This ride was ok... but a challenge.  BG was not on par right when the ride started.  I got through it, but was happy when it was over.  It ran long too... which put me behind for my making it out to Raleigh for my meeting.

And... of course.... I made it with just 20 minutes to spare.   The traffic at that time of the day is pretty nuts.  (yes, bike would have been faster). Too many 3 minute interruptions all add up.  :)  You know.. well that will only take 3w minutes, and that will only take three minutes, etc....

The group meeting was good.  We had a nice discussion with lots of good questions.  This is a fantastic group, and if you ever get a chance to make a meeting I would recommend it.  I met some very motivated Type 1s, and I look forward to speaking with them again soon.  Thanks so much for the invite!

Big thanks to Chris Newport (what else is new) for coming out for the support, and playing a major role in the information exchange during the session. 

So... the original question...

Pump name.

I don't have one.