April 25, 2010

Wow. What a mixed emotions type of a race.

The good: legs weren't great today, but better than I thought they would be considering the diagnosis earlier in the week and the slew of antibiotics I was on. Was on a solid 10.5-11 hour finishing pace (see the bad) so I was pretty ok with that. Need to work on long (1.5+hr plus) climb efforts to take it up a notch.

The Uberfantastic: My new and first time used race nutrition plan developed by Chris Newport was SPOT ON!! BG checks during the race (before the meter went SS Minnow) were 175, 185, 144, 133, and 141. It doesn't get any better and gives me a very close to optimum 150 avg.

A big huge sincere THANK YOU to Chris for helping to figure this out. I can't tell you the confidence this instills, and the fear it removes. You have redifined endurance moutain bike racing for me.

Also way up there on the meter is getting the chance to hang with Marcee, Rich, Rex, George, Greg, other 29er Crew members, and Harlan at the "Cheteau and Man Cave Copperhill". Always great to share a race weekend with wonderfully nice, and super fast folks. Thank you!!

The bad: having tornado warnings, downpours, heavy winds, and massive amounts of lightning can REALLY screw up your race. Although my BG meter was in a ziplock bag in my HydraPak, the compartment it was in fill with rain water. This eventually got into the bag, and made the meter non functional somewhere before the mile 50 checkpoint. Big problem.

Ad to that getting held up at the aid station for almost 60 minutes while the question of is the race being shortened/called due to weather (tornado warning cameo here), and you have me off the bike after a 9.6mph avg over 52 miles with 7200 feet of vertical while riding "literally" through a northeatester.

Annoyed? Yup. Anything I could do about it? Nope. More details to follow in the race report.

Congrats to George and Greg on a terrific 100 under trying circumstances. Good stuff!! Everyone in the house did great with class victories and top 10 finishes galore.

Back to it on Monday, as, even though I threatened to never race again at some (ok various) points in/after today's race, I just can't help myself. :).

Good night!! (morning? already?)

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