March 14, 2010

Ride Hours: 06:01

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 40.71 units
Meal: 18.65u
Corr: 1.35u
Basal: 20.71u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 322g

I set my basal rate down to a 70% reduction at 11:00 sharp, and got to the ride location at 11:30. Sent the basal rate lower as I didn't manage to get any pasta for breakfast, and I figured it would bite me later. Spent some time warming up, and then got after the intended training focus for the day. Idea was to hit the 80-90% effort range in staggered hourly increments for the 6 hour time frame. I set my car up as a "pit" and would be trying to simulate a race pace and fueling schedule.

BG at ride start was spot on at 113.

First hour went exactly as planned. One full 20oz of water w/ Nuun of hydration down, and 60g of Cs in the tank. However, at the start of the second hour my BG was down to the mid 70s, and I could feel the snap of the pedal stroke was missing. I figured it was due to me trying to trim out the BG of 154 that I had around 11:00am. I only bolused about 1/2 of the calculated amount, but that was enough.

In response I did two things. First I took in about 45g of simple Cs and some fat. Then I completely turned off my insulin delivery for 90 mins.

When you are running on fumes, everything becomes an effort. Feeding and hydration intake seems to be too energy consuming. All you want is for the ride to be done and to eat. Anything. People who have been there know you just have the mental battle... eh, what's a missed day. The legs are not moving. BG is not responding. Too many calories taken in have messed with your stomach. We've been there. I was close to just bagging this training ride.

I just took a deep breath and tried to ignore the hovering near going low during exercise BG feeling. One simple pedal stroke at a time until it turns around. One pedal stroke at a time... trying to stay near the HR target range.

And as I approached the end of the 2nd hour I was starting to come around a bit. BG was back up to the mid 90s. I reset the insulin delivery suspension for another 2 hours. I was committed to completing today's ride and reaching my goals for the day.

Time for a complete reboot.

I parked the geared bike, and grabbed the single speed. A few more extra Cs in and a quick change of cycling shoes. Grabbed the two full bottles, and reloaded the jersey pockets. Time to go.

I kept the gas turned up for the last 3 hours and put in some quality work on the bike.

The last hour was a struggle as my legs were feeling it! That's more like it!!

As I turned to head for the car at 17:30, I turned restarted insulin delivery and set my temp basal rate to 165% of normal for 2 hours to get a head start on the post ride "whip".

Finished up a bit after 18:00. BG was a picture perfect 113. Crazy right? Sometime you just have to keep massaging and working it to get through.

When I went to bed, I set a normal post ride over night temp basal of 75% for 6 hours.