February 19, 2010

Man, what a day.....

Got out of the office about 2 hours late, so I was running behind schedule packing up for tomorrow. 85% done now though....

Weather looks good, so it's only a question of how wet the trails are at the start.

I mentioned trying a few new nutritional and bg control things for tomorrow's "race".

I am going to adjust my target bg setting on my pump from it's normal 100 to race target 150 tonight. I usually wait until race morning, but thought I would raise the bar by doing it tonight before dinner.

Also, going to try an extra 100cals per hour for the full 6 hour event. Target pace is 70%, so the cal load should (hopefully) be ok.

I would like to also start the race with a 65% basal reduction starting an hour beforehand. About 30 mins before start drop it to a 75% reduction, and then back to a 60% reduction after 15 mins.

We will see how the BG digs that. Hopefully a smoother race entry bg level will result.

Should be a fun day seeing some friends, while getting some hours in.

Did I mention 55 and sunny? No? 55 and sunny!! LOL!!

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