January 22, 2010

Made it through the work week, and was rewarded with AMAZING phone call conversations today.

First I was able to have a meaningful conversation with Chris Newport of Endurance NEWTrition about race and recovery diets, data collection, insulin sensitivity, and other related topics.  Chris is simply amazing and will be such a huge asset for the 2010 season.  I am very, very lucky that she is taking the time to work with me.  I really feel that with her help I am going to not only improve my performance,  but be able to gain a large mass of knowledge. 

Later on I was able to hook up with my new coach.   Although I have always received TONS of help and support from top resources (thanks Steve!!!) I have never had a coach or training plan before.  With the goals I have laid out for this year, I really thought it was time to hire a professional. 

I must admit I was really nervous for the first couple of minutes, and hopefully didn't sound that bad on the other end of the phone.  It's not every day I get to speak to a 6 time world champion, and one of the fastest endurance athletes in mountain biking history. 

I think the conversation ending up going ok (at least from my perspective), and I am SO FREAKIN' FIRED up to get started!!!  Got a couple of days until then, so I will keep you in suspense.  Many more details on this to follow...

I am feeling very much humbled by the opportunities, help, and support I am receiving.   I cannot say enough how much I appreciate everyone who supports Type1Rider, sends an email, yells encouragement during a ride or race, or stops by to say hi and tell their story. 

Type1Rider owes it's success over the past 5 years to all those who share the belief in the mission.  My sincerest thanks.

Long ride in the plans for tomorrow... can't wait!!!!!