October 17, 2009

I have been working on the Unicoi race report, but still need to complete it. I'll have it done soon, hopefully. :)

I DID, however, finish building my 2010 Superfly today. I am waiting for a few small items, but she is race ready. Took longer to get it done today than I thought, so I missed my afternoon ride. I will be heading out at noon on Sunday to shake her down.

A bit lighter than the '09, mostly due to the Fox FIT damper. The red annodized Sram X0 components just fit this color scheme soooo well. The carbon Noir cranks are a nice touch. This bike is seriously lite. I mean freakish lite. Yum.

There is NO OTHER bike I would rather ride. I have had this for 10 days now, and can't wait to ride it tomorrow!!


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