September 23, 2009

Daily Total: 45.78 Ride Hours: 03:28

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 10.30u
Corr: 6.40u
Basal: 29.08u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 173g

I arrived at the UNC Wellness Center right at 17:45 after setting my pump to a 55% reduction about 40 minutes earlier. The weather was decent, but it had rained a bunch in the last couple of days. Brought the Superfly SS and made a route that avoided ALL singletrack. :) Wanted to get in about 1K ft of vert per hour, and selected a pretty cool hill repeat loop that takes me over some dirt greenways, double track, fire road, road, and even 1/2 mile or so of railroad tracks.

I was geared up and rolling out at 18:00, and took a quick BG test before leaving. 63. Crap.

When I talk to groups about being a diabetic athlete, I highlight the need to be flexible. To have a plan, and to use your gained knowledge and experience to make modifications to that plan. This was going to be one of those training days that would need a little extra attention to my diabetes care to get through it.

At 18:06, I lowered my basal rate to a 80% reduction. At that time I took in 30g of simple carbs and 9g of fat via some M&Ms. I then road out and selected a longer "warm up" route to were my loop starts.

First 30 minutes or so went perfect. Felt a little better, and got through the first sections pretty easily. Took in a Hammer Gel with 20g of carbs. Then, I could feel the floor suddenly drop out. BG was definitely tapped. Burned through the input of simple carbs, and was again out of gas.

I stopped for about 2 minutes and took in some extra fat calories. Along with this I suspended my insulin delivery via the pump at 18:55 for 2 hours. It would beep after that time, and not restart automatically.

I continued on my ride. The next 30 minutes was pretty tough to get through. My mind was racing about not only riding, my training zone, and the wet obstacles on the greenways... but was distracted with trying to stay on top of my low BG situation. I though this is pretty good to work through as it does/will happen in races from time to time. Ride less aggressively. Just keep taping the pedals.

As it neared 19:35 I was beginning to feel better. Was still pretty much on track to hit my training goals.

From then out I just stayed on the 30-40g of carbs per hour fueling rate.

Got done a bit after 21:00 and headed back towards the car to head for home. The insulin delivery was still suspended and the pump was bepping to let me know that the 2 hour window had expired. I reached back and grabbed the pump out of my jersey pocket. Re-enabled insuling delivery, with basal rate at the normal rate. I also delivered the insulin that was missed at the temp rate during the ride.

Got back to the Wellness Center at 21:42 I tested at a 100. PERFECT!

Ride was great, and I was able to finish up what I intended to.

Vertical Distance: 2964 ft
Max HR: 184 BPM
Avg HR: 150 BPM
Calories: 3,023 kCal

Readings did creep up into the 170s or so about 65 minutes post ride. I do trend up post workout anyway, and after no insulin being delivered for 2+ hrs, I was expecting this. No worries.

Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility. Just another day riding with Type 1 diabetes.