August 16, 2009

Just finished up about 9:50am. I'm whipped (good thing), so I if this post doesn't make a ton of sense...

Did 11 laps which is a couple of feet short of 20000ft of vertical, 100 miles of singletrack, and I burned 15760 calories. In the past 18 hours.

But that doesn't paint the full picture. This was one of the races I am most proud of myself for pushing to the end, and the placing doesn't tell the whole story.

The short 30 minute break lasted closer to 1 hour longer than expected. I didn't realise how wet my bibs got, and that had lead to some wicked chaffing. (Yeah, rookie mistake). Brought three changes of kit, but forgot the 3rd pair of bibs. So, I had to dry a pair of bibs before continuing. Also, although not normal low, I wanted to try and bump my BG the 60 point to the target 150 for the final planned 5 hour push.

After I waited those out, and some calculations, I knew I needed my 3 fastest lap times of the race during the final 3hrs and 20 minutes or so to reach 11 laps. Wasn't sure if this was going to make a difference in my overall placement or not, and it didn't matter either way.

Although endurance races are about beating the other riders, it is just as much about testing and proving yourself. As one of best friends told me after the race "'s about control of your body. Forcing it to do something that it doesn't want or need to do. Proving you have control over it. Proving you can control diabetes, and it doesn't control you". She's absolutely right.

It was a very difficult challenge to push through to get it done. No time to fuel and test, so I ended up just turning my insulin pump off for the last 2 hours. Was able to keep the fluids flowing though.

Not sure if I finished top ten, but I dug deep to get it all in. With 10 minutes to spare.

Great job to George "Dirt Dawg" Scott for grabbing third in his class! Always fun to go racing with you. What week is it?

Full write up coming soon. Time to start breaking down the pit.

I am in control.

(it's a sign: Tony Cervati - Diabetic sticker post race)

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