July 19, 2009

Daily Total: 42.82 Ride Hours: 01:32

Insulin Breakdown:
Meal: 17.65u
Corr: 0.55u
Basal: 24.62u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 289g

Headed out at 12:32 on the Seven for a ride. My plan was to rock some hills for a while, and then head home. But the old saying "The mind was willing, but the body was not" was very much in effect. :)

So I just settled in and road for 90 minutes, before heading back. The heat and humidity of the day caught me off guard. I ran out of hydration pretty quickly.

Vertical Distance: 300.00 yd
Max HR: 176 BPM
Avg HR: 135 BPM
Calories: 848 kCal

Spent the rest of the day resting and hanging with the family.

We had a birthday party for my mom tonight at our place. J-man and I had a heck of a great time trying to decorate the cake. You know its getting crazy and out of control when the little dude looks over and says "Daddy, should I call the fire dept.?".

I think my mom had fun.

After it was all over, I was completely wiped. Just wanted to head to bed to face tomorrow.

No temp basal rate at bed tonight.