June 17, 2009

Total: 36.52u Ride Hours: 01:58
Basal: 24.62u
Corr: 3.20u
Meal: 8.70

Total Carbs Bolused For: 140g

Headed out on a late start for a post work road bike ride. First ride on the new InForm RXL saddle from Trek. Set my pump down to a 55% reduction at 17:30, and was riding by 18:30.

Light wasn't the problem tonight, approaching storms where. I did a nice base level ride for about 2 hours.

Calories: 1440
Max HR: 181
Avg HR: 138
Vertical Feet: 881

The new saddle was perfect. I just need to lower the saddle about 1mm. Other than that these InForm saddles are the business.

Not making any temp basal changes before bed as I am currently a little high.

Surprise- it just started raining again.

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