May 2, 2009

Race Day

Emailing in last blog update...

At Yargo State Park, and 70% setup. Got number 143. BG was a little
high this morning, but right about where I like it on race morning.
Right now it is at 86 and dropping, so I'm gonna eat and roll the pump
back some. 40% reduction.

Guess I'm a little nervous. :) a good finish today will help cement a
nice place half through the 12 hour race series.

We are 90 minutes from race start. Not the greatest pit setup
position. Give it a 6.5. About 40 feet off course just after
transition area.

Pretty good race turn out too. Large local and regional group. Sounds
like the 12 hour expert class is pretty full, but a lot of people are
opting for the six hour due to the incoming storm system. Looks
threating now, but the big stuff isn't supposed to com in until later.

About 3 inches of rain fell overnight, so the trail is pretty slick
right now. It might be a race of attrition given the conditions. Same
old same old... :)

Inserted my second infusion set, and everything on that front looks

Had a couple from Atlanta come over to give Fisher props for letting
me continue to run the Type1Rider kit while on the 29er Crew. True

They are a Mom and daughter Type 1, dad Type 2. Mom and daughter
thinking about doing a 6 hr duo, and they visit the site all the time.
They wanted to come out and talk with me and check out what a race is
like before comitting.

Hopefully I convinced them to try. I think I did.

Need to finish up and get a pre- ride.

Thanks to all for the support of Type1Rider organization. I don't know
if you guys know how much of a difference we make in the diabetic
community. .

Have a great day everyone!!!


Tony Cervati

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