May 1, 2009

Friday Night in Athens

Only took about 5.25hr to get down here today, but it seemed longer.
Was able to get out on the bike by 14:30, and run some errands before
checking out campus.

The weather is spectactular!!

Went by The Hub and picked up some donated water bottles. I cannot
thank him enough since I left ALL of mine at home. Duh. :)

Got back to the hotel at 17:45, took a shower, and walked back uptown
to find something to eat.

Once done I will hustle back and get to sleep.

Will be an early one tomorrow, and a long day in the saddle.

I feel pretty good, and BGs have been running 79-132 all day. Perfect.

Oh yeah, I also found a sushi place open to 04:00 that I can eat at
when I get tomorrow night around 23:30. Sweet!!

Tony Cervati

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