May 22, 2009

Equipment and spares all packed and checked. Food and supplies already
in the car. Dual spare infusion sets inserted. I'm in bed and ready to

BG is a tad low right now - 66 - but I'm not going to make a
correction. Plenty of carbs with dinner, and it should creek up over
night. Prob in the 200 range by wakeup? We'll see. Sometimes it's
just a role of the dice.

I have the world's best friends for sure. Can't tell you how much I
truly appreciate the txt msg Nance! Going to give it my best shot.
We'll see what happens, and if I get close to my goal.

24 hour solo events are tough. For me, they are both exciting and
nerve racking at the same time. A lot of pieces need to come together
to make it a successful day.

Either way, I will learn something about myself. It's a test every
time. I'm no pro mountain biker - just a guy with a complex and
destructive disease that I will not yield to.

24 hours of kicking Type 1 square in the face sounds wonderful to me.
A gift actually. Ha!

Typing this with my eyes closed. Gotta go.

Thanks Everyone!!

Tony Cervati

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